How to Make Photographic 'light-paintings'




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Introduction: How to Make Photographic 'light-paintings'

‘Light-painting’ is a photographic technique which uses a source of light to draw an image in the air whilst taking a long-exposure photograph. By capturing the light from a moving source, you're able to create an image which shows its motion over time. In the 1940's, photographer Gjon Mili attached lights to the boots of ice-skaters to demonstrate the movement of their bodies and they gracefully glide around the ice. This video demonstrates a recreation of those photographs, using modern photographic techniques. To find out how to make your own light-paintings, check out the video here & tweet any pictures you take to the At-Bristol Science Centre.



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    This is something I have been interested in, but I'm not seeing a link to the video mentioned.

    2 replies

    Hi JPenne, the video should be embedded
    above, but since I'm still a newbie here on Instructables I apologise if
    I've missed something. I'll add a hyperlink to the description of the
    activity above, or you can watch the full video here:

    Thanks, Ross.

    Excellent! Thanks for the quick response. I am really looking forward to seeing this.

    Thanks, Jason! We're just starting out on Instructables, so stay tuned for future makes from us and some of our past creations from our YouTube channel.