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Plum Jam .
This recipe is pretty easy.Practically hands-free.It's plum time  at the moment- and there is nothing nicer for breakfast than a pice of toast and your own made plum jam.
So first , get yourself some plums.You can pick loads for free in nature , or if you are in luck, from your own tree.


Step 1: Get your plums

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Get your plums and the rest of the ingredients .
Here is the list you  need for your plum jam:
1 kilo plums
1 kilo sugar
1 sachet of pectin powder ( 8 grammes) - ( brand Tate and Lyle or other make ).
4 clean jam pots with screw-on lids
1 Big pan ( so the jam can boil but cannot boil over )
1 Wooden spoon.
sunshiine4 years ago
Thanks for sharing!
Dearest Bea,

Wow, this is such an educational and easy to follow step-by-step jam making tutorial that everyone can do this! Thanks for such an excellent visual tutorial, especially now with a downward economy people should recycle their jam jars and other veggie jars. Clean them out and fill them up again.
Makes for a very healthy and great food; eco-friendly.

Love to you!

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