How to Make Portable Speakers





Introduction: How to Make Portable Speakers

About: My name is Alen and i study electronic engineering. I love to make anything that needs electricity, hack and mod things as well building anything AWESOME...

Ok only thing you will need is :old pc speakers , soldering iron , screwdriver , 9v battery  

Step 1: Open Your Speakers

Open your speaker and cut the wire that goes from transformer to the circuit board and connect it to the battery ( 9v battery)

Step 2: Speakers

Now you can insert new speakers in the place that goes to the left or right speaker

Step 3: Adding Battery

now add 9v battery

Step 4: Finishing

Now close it and test it :D (my speakers test :D)



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    6 Discussions

    Does it matter which wire gets connected to positive and ground? How do you go about checking that?

    3 replies

    check the wires that goes from transformer (black is - and red is +) , its matter becouse otherwise it will dont work

    look if you have 4 diodes on PCB if you have you can put battery how you like

    Have you got a good idea on how to make it rechargeable?

    It would be super practical if it could recharge using USB,

    Not sure how to use USB 5v to charge a cluster of AA batteries that would need to deliver 9v afterwards. I'm thinking parallel 5v charging and then serial 9v delivered to the speakers, but it may be impossible.

    1 reply

    you can use charger for 9v batteries,but through usb i don't know , only if you use 8*1.2 (9.6v) rechargeable batteries and then charge 4 batteries and then other 4 but this is unpractical and big