Picture of How to make portable speakers
Ok only thing you will need is :old pc speakers , soldering iron , screwdriver , 9v battery  

Step 1: Open your speakers

Picture of Open your speakers
Open your speaker and cut the wire that goes from transformer to the circuit board and connect it to the battery ( 9v battery)
randofo3 years ago
Does it matter which wire gets connected to positive and ground? How do you go about checking that?
tutdude98 (author)  randofo3 years ago
check the wires that goes from transformer (black is - and red is +) , its matter becouse otherwise it will dont work
mine has blue and blue XP
tutdude98 (author)  ivanjacob3 years ago
look if you have 4 diodes on PCB if you have you can put battery how you like
Ranie-K3 years ago
Have you got a good idea on how to make it rechargeable?

It would be super practical if it could recharge using USB,

Not sure how to use USB 5v to charge a cluster of AA batteries that would need to deliver 9v afterwards. I'm thinking parallel 5v charging and then serial 9v delivered to the speakers, but it may be impossible.
tutdude98 (author)  Ranie-K3 years ago
you can use charger for 9v batteries,but through usb i don't know , only if you use 8*1.2 (9.6v) rechargeable batteries and then charge 4 batteries and then other 4 but this is unpractical and big