How to Make Pouches From Tape.





Introduction: How to Make Pouches From Tape.

This is an instructable on how to make pouches from tape.
This is a step-by-step of an instructable I made a week ago.

Step 1: The Base.

Take a surface and put a loop of masking tape sticky side out onto it.
Then put layers of clear tape, sticky side up, onto the loop. This should make a base of clear tape 1cm wider on each side than you want your pouch to be.

Step 2: The Middle.

With more masking tape put layers up to 1cm of each side.
Make sure there isn't any gaps.

Step 3: Folding.

Take the whole thing and fold it over very neatly so the clear sticky tape sticks to itself.
Now take it off the masking tape loop.
You now need to trimm the entire thing so there isn't any sticky or rough edges.
Your finished.
You can use these pouches for lots of things and they cost nearly nothing.



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    just a suggestion: maybe u could use duct tape instead of regular? personally think would look better like that.