This instructable will show you how to make prop weapons out of Wood. I made my gun from pine but these can easily be made out of laminated MDF as well.

The materials you will need vary depending on what gun you need, but the basic stuff is:
- Solid Wood Block (Pine or Laminated MDF)
- Black Paint (any paint that will work on wood)
- Silver Spray Paint

Tools you need include:
- Set of Sharp Chisels
- Set of wood files (Optional)
- Set of Rasps ( Optional)
- Bandsaw/Jigsaw
- SandPaper
- Wood Working abilities and Artistic Abilities

Step 1: Draw Out Your Design

The first thing you will need to do is choose what weapon you are making, then find a picture of it online, then sketch that out onto the piece of wood. I chose the CAR-15 for this tutorial.
sorry but this is not a good prop
I know its not, it was done with limited time and supplies. I made this for a short film shot on a 13mm lens. I've made better and do make better every day. I am a professional Prop maker for the film and theatre industries.
I think it would be better if not for the wood texture. maybe another coat of paint and some gloss. I'm not exactly a professional, but I am good at making realistic props. Also, does the magazine come out?
<p>Sorry for opening an old post but if you are good at making props please share with us! </p><p>Cheers!</p>
<p>Gave that up awhile ago, traded in for real guns haha </p>
thats cool im going to make one
Don't worry about what he says, its a great prop, or at least I think so.
Yeah, this is great!!