Introduction: How to Make Quickmatch.

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Quick match is a fast burning fuse used in pyrotechnics.

Here you can learn to make it out of black match.

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Step 1: Materials

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You will need:

A straw

Some Blackmatch

Step 2:

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Thread the black match through the straw.


Step 3:

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Light it as you would any fuse.

Also, check out my black powder


AtomRat (author)2012-11-12

Ive had issues of the plastic straw melting and smothering the fuse causing it to go out. I did have an idea last night though about dipping the black match string into some paper pulp to make a small 'paper layer' around the fuse like a chinese cracker fuse..

daisyalan (author)AtomRat2012-11-13

That could probably work. What you want to do is place the blackmatch in a confined space.

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