Picture of How to make rainbow cupcakes
I kept seeing these pictures of amazing multicolored cupcakes online and wanted to try them out myself.  They were surprisingly easy, tasted delicious and looked awesome!

UPDATE: I've changed this a bit.   I have a few 3 month promemberships for getting featured on the homepage.  Since I already have a pro membership, I am giving TWO away to the first two people who make these cupcakes and post pictures in the comments!

UPDATE: both 3 month pro memberships have been won.  Congrats!

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Step 1: Collect ingredients

Picture of Collect ingredients
For this recipe, you will need:
-One 18.25 oz box of white or yellow cake mix
-4 eggs (instead of what is calls for on the box)
-1 cup butter milk (instead of water that is called for on the box)
-Vegetable oil (amount called for on the box)
-food coloring

Other stuff you will need:
Cupcake tin (this makes about 24 cupcakes)
1 can of frosting
cupcake papers
sprinkles, or anything else you want to use to decorate
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cindydaniel made it!2 months ago

I love this and so easy too - thank you!

kikak9 months ago

awesome from mansor the best in the world

kikak9 months ago


kikak9 months ago

i like it awesome from mansor

Rynnal made it!1 year ago

Thanks for the recipe, these tasted pretty good! :) Should have started with the red on the bottom, I think, and I still have to ice them! But they look so good inside!


They still look awesome! Great job!

Kona-chan1 year ago
you, you are a DAMNE GENIUS
emory09 made it!4 years ago
i made mine alittle different... i love chocolate so topped it with that, and also bought confetti white cake it made 18 cupcakes i filled mine alittle more
these are good. and how did you made that. :(
canida emory094 years ago
emory09 canida4 years ago
thanx i actually want some more i just made the kisses choc cupcakes but these were better.
those looks awesome!
they are awesome!! :( :( :(
AlphaEtOmega made it!4 years ago
These turned out awesome!
This was the first test cupcake to make sure the colors turned out nice and vibrant. The rest turned out better, but I didn't get a chance to photograph them.
how did you make the icing purple?
You can actually mix red and blue food coloring!
thoes look yummmmy! these cupcakes are the ones you can never have a cupcakef fight with! that just would be horrible!
those look awesome!
lovepugs3 years ago
I saw a similar instructable but they used jars instead of the cupcake papers. does it ending up colouring the papers? what do you think is better to use?
Doublespeak made it!3 years ago
My cupcakes!
Doublespeak made it! Doublespeak3 years ago
Also, the inside of the cupcakes-
Doublespeak3 years ago
I used water because I didn't have buttermilk, but I think they turned out nicely! I made these for my college Diversity Alliance's anti-bullying rally. Thanks so much for the great idea! =^.^=
I'm just about to make these with my mom. The last time I made these I brought them to my little sister's school for valentines day once, and the kids loved it! I recommend this recipe. :)
Cuppycup4 years ago
Hey can I use a regular butter cake recipe instate of a instant white cake mix??? Will the co ours still turn out nice an vibrant? :)
I've made these with both instant and from-scratch recipes and had great colors both times. What I think matters the most is really the amount of food coloring you use. I would say use a little more than you think you'll need. I'd love to see pictures of the finished product!
tee10004 years ago
This is so awesome! I've had a craving for cupcakes all week, and I (hopefully) will be making these tomorrow! They're so pretty and colourful, can't wait! :D Thanks so much!
I'll be using milk instead though, as we don't have buttermilk and I'm on a tight budget :P
Awesome! I'd love to see pictures when you're done! And they work with milk also, I have tried the recipe using milk instead of buttermilk since writing this Instructable and it works just fine :)
Made them yesterday, and they're so cool!
Not the best picture, it looks a bit more brighter than the picture shows, but I'll be making these again sometime!
Oh they look awesome!
jennfuqua29 made it!4 years ago
i made there cupcakes and my kids love them and i put them in the order i wanted them to go into and they was a good thing to make for anyone and i love it so much next time i am going make them different color of them so there more different colors and i use a can of iceing and made the icing the color i wanted
cell phone pics 005.JPG
Those look awesome! Thanks for sharing your pictures!
Really Cool! ^^ This would be great for a children's party!
kids of all ages (including inner children, haha) love them :)
mary candy4 years ago
Gay Party here on Saturday will be wild.
Cool cakes.
Shany1204 years ago
Yummy!!!!! :)
saruchagrand made it!4 years ago
I made ones yesterday! take a look!
I love cupcakes!
ilikepie224 years ago
These cupcakes look so delicious! I am seriously craving a rainbow cupcake right now!!
They were super good! You should make them!
homestuck4 years ago
Today is my sister's birthday which gives me a excuse to make these
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