Step 6: Amaze your friends! Eat your cupcakes!

The most fun part of these cupcakes was watching peoples' reaction when they took the paper off and bit into them!  Not only were they delicious, but they were also awesome!

These would be so fun for bake sales, parties, or even a fun alternative to a pricey wedding cake.  Whenever you make them, they will be sure to grab attention!
jennfuqua29 made it!4 years ago
i made there cupcakes and my kids love them and i put them in the order i wanted them to go into and they was a good thing to make for anyone and i love it so much next time i am going make them different color of them so there more different colors and i use a can of iceing and made the icing the color i wanted
cell phone pics 005.JPG
Those look awesome! Thanks for sharing your pictures!
Shany1204 years ago
Yummy!!!!! :)
yumyyyyyyyyy i'd like to try one mmmm!^_^
make one! Now you know how :)
crazyg4 years ago
kinda similar to my tartrazine cake recipie, taste a bit salty but they make your ears ring and you feel about 7 years old