Introduction: How to Make Real Vinyl Stickers - Stickers

This is how to make real vinyl stickers. These are real stickers not labels or cheap stuff like that.


PaulaK46 (author)2017-06-03

Hello, I'm trying to make decals without any background. Is this possible?

LivG (author)2016-09-11

I'm just wanting to make decals for mugs and cups (Yeti). I had someone to do a few for me, and I want to start my own project. Can I use any kind of printer, and is there another type of sticker/vinyl paper that is good?

vinnooindia (author)2015-09-14

Hi, Thanks for the video. Are these stickers microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe???

My purpose is to use it for name labels for students... The stickers should be water proof, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe???

Is this paper suitable for my requirement???

lhester27 (author)2015-06-21

Gooday what software are use to make a vinyl sticker or for car decal thanks and more power

Carlo1973 (author)2014-12-10

Well done!

Actually I am in the process of making my first bartop MAME cabinet, and I was wondering how I could cost effectively make the marquee and the side art - I can make the custom art myself, I just don't want to pay an outrageous amount to get it done lol Everything is on a budget lol Your method shown here will work perfectly for the side art of the cabinet and should be far less expensive than getting it done through Fast-signs. Do you know if that paper is available for Laser printers as well? I have an inkjet that I never use in my basement but I prefer my color laser)

For the marquee, I'm actually going to get some 3M color laser printable transparency sheets to print my image across. This will then be cut to size sandwiched between 2 pieces of left over plexi/lexan. The outer piece of lexan has has a tint, and is left overs from the monitor bezel. This will allow the image to shine through when turned on via the led light strip behind the marquee and will be a be muted due to the tint so not to be overly powering - focus should be the game on the screen not the marquee.

mjenkins1 (author)2013-11-29

Thanks. You explained this much better than another video I just watched. Very helpful!

reptedjess (author)2010-07-27

I got that those stickers and made a bunch of stickers for a local band. Everyone I've seen stuck to a car is peeling. The adhesive isn't strong enough for outdoor use. If you use a regular inkjet printer, they will fade very quickly as well.

Riot_Ghost (author)reptedjess2011-12-06

Not all of Papilio's vinyl are meant to be used outdoors. They have special vinyl designed for outdoor use which are also designed to be extremely difficult to remove. As for the fading, the Papilio site warns of this possibility and therefore makes an aerosol UV laminate spray which is meant to prevent this from occurring.

Outdoor paper:
UV laminate spray:

*Please note that the paper link is for 10 sheets. Papilio also offers 1, 100, 500, and 1000 sheet packages.

airraiser (author)2011-02-20

How durable are these stickers for outdoor use? I've had a number of people ask me for stickers that are water proof so they can put them on bike helmets and such.

rverdi (author)airraiser2011-11-04

Theres some stuff you can get at Amazon. Papilio brand. Inkjet Removable Waterproof Vinyl. Depending on how much wear it'll see, not to mention weather, you might want to spray the stickers with a fixative before you apply em. But they're pretty durable and waterproof on their own. Good luck!

gmjhowe (author)2008-10-05

Great work! that laminate sheet is a great idea. Is corel draw really the industry standard over there? I alway thought illustrator was (well it is in the rest of the design industry) i thought corel draw was more a prosumer program. Cool -ible! Thanks for sharing.

AirbrushTricks (author)gmjhowe2008-10-05

Corel is the standard in my mind at least for screen printing. Stickers really fall under screen printing in my book. Just my opinion. I get really frustrated with Adobe ilustrator. Although all my vids are Adobe Premier Pro.

zseha (author)AirbrushTricks2010-01-31

just a question, can I use any INK_JET printer with any INK

zseha (author)zseha2010-01-31

Im using corel to. It is a great desing program

gmjhowe (author)AirbrushTricks2008-10-05

gotya, im guessing corel probably works better with plotter cutters also, which im sure you have used for stickers.

dragonflii (author)2009-07-13

awesome! thanks! i will be using this so we can make our stickers for our band cheap! =)

yamaha85 (author)2009-05-19

hey i want to make a graphics kit for my motorbike but i dont have an inkjet printer, would u be able to use a canon mp510 printer?

sensoryhouse (author)2009-02-02

I take sticky-back vinyl and run it through a color laser printer, then spray paint high-gloss clear enamel. I get the vinyl at Auto Trim in Tukwila, WA.

bodanipromotions (author)2008-10-26

Hey does anyone know where I can buy the stuff to actually execute this process?

mmmdonut (author)2008-10-07

I agree Quark is still very popular, but I think InDesign has taken over the majority (at least in Canada). But again for smaller papers, at least in Ontario.... although it seems like the presses like to run everything through Quark. I think Quark holds on to users because its easier to keep using it than to change infrastructure and user training.

gmjhowe (author)mmmdonut2008-10-07

well, indesign is a better featured, and more compatible program, however we use quark because it just has a much more stable outcome. When we make a pdf from quark, we can practically guarantee that the final result will match!

mmmdonut (author)2008-10-07

In my experience InDesign, not Illustrator or Quark is the standard for magazines and newspapers, at least on a smaller production run. The really big papers tend to have their own apps running most of the show.

cerberustugowar (author)2008-10-05

not that this is my Instructable but just by the brand name of Papilio I came up with . If you click on the Inkjet Waterproof Self-Adhesive Vinyl (the one of the hand holding a paintbrush and is painting) you will find the product that you print on and if you scroll to the bottom, there is also the transparent sheets that is recommended for a top layer. You could definitely put out some cool stickers with this!

Thanks man.

dchall8 (author)2008-10-05

That's good. I usually don't like video Instructables. If you stuck the sticker to some magnetic sheeting, then you could make refrigerator magnets. I used to use clear cupboard liner to protect art projects. If I got a bubble I would stick a needle into it and bleed the air out. Could you post your sources for the vinyl and overlay materials?

AirbrushTricks (author)dchall82008-10-05 is the only supplier of 8 1/2 x 11 printable injet vinyl i know of right now.

gmjhowe (author)2008-10-05

haha! InDesign FTW
lets not mention freehand

gmjhowe (author)2008-10-05

thanks for that info, its great for people unsure, however personally, i know all about them! They are all my friends, i actually work in a studio for a printworks, we do use quark mainly, but both photoshop and illustrator are essential and are used along side. However alot of people are starting to use indesign, mainly because it can be purchased for not much extra as part of the creative suite, and also its great integration with the other aodbe products. Indesign is by far a better piece of software than Quark - But, in terms of printing, quark has this amazing high standard of reliability, with us have very few problems when the files get to the press.

mrmath (author)2008-10-05

Where do you get the stuff?

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