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You will need on this instructable a cell phone that plays wav files and you have some way to connect it to your computer. Examples of connection would be infrared, bluetooth, usb, or a data cable for your phone. You will also have to have Audacity or some other audio editer. I am using Audacity. If you are using a diffrent audia editor then you might be able to bypass the lame_enc.dll (use Google to find it and place it in your plugins folder) that you need to make it a mp3.(if your cell phone supports mp3 files)
Also a program tha rips music to wavs or converts to wav. For that I am using Windows Media Player 11. So let's begin.
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Step 1: Ripping the music

Picture of Ripping the music
For this step you will need to start yoor ripping program and rip the music to wav files. In Windows Media Player 11 you go to the Ripping Music option under the setting and change the wma ripping format to wav.

Step 2: Editing the ripped music into a mp3

Picture of Editing the ripped music into a mp3
After it is done ripping just go to audacity(or your audio editor)and edit the song to 30 secs or less so you phone will ring 30 secs(or less and not 4 minutes(if you dont edit the song) then export the it (or save it) as mp3 file.

Step 3: Export and Copy to Phone

Now goto File Export as (either wav or mp3) and save anywhere you want. Wait till it is done now just connect your phone to your computer and copy the fill to it (in Razors and SLVRS go to audio under the floder that is not iTunes) and goto your sounds option in the phones menu and Apply as a ringtone. (if it is a Razors or SLVR go to the change storage menu item and go to card and move to the phone off the microSD card)
And now you have made a song into a ringtone.