How to Make Rope





Introduction: How to Make Rope

this will tell you how to make very strong rope

tie a clove hitch on 1 stick, repeat for other side
make 3 strands from one stick to the other
twist sticks in different directions
soak in water then hang and put rock/brick on other side

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The video has the instructions flashing by too quickly, could you maybe put the instructions in text steps for the Instructable?

yea sorry abought that, just put on the diretions in text so now you can do it

Okay, now that I can see what it says, I have a couple of comments. To make good rope you should probably start with twine, which is much thicker than what's shown in the video, and probably at least five ply, not three ply. The whole rock/brick thing: You need to hang it low enough that the other end is on the ground, and weight down the other end with a rock/brick to keep the rope from uncurling while it dries. I'll probably try it sometime, it seems cool, and then I'll have rope for making a hammock :P