Picture of Rose buds from a soccer ball (or other sport)
I got this idea from an Etsy shop called SportBuds (, but I could not get them on time for what I wanted them for (Girlfriend's senior night for soccer). I also didn't have the money to spend $10 on each flower, plus shipping. So I did what any good Maker would do and figured out how to make them myself.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I picked all these up in one trip. The things you will need for this Instructable:
> Silk Roses (However many are needed. I picked up 4, but I could have used more with one soccer ball. I got mine from Ben Franklin, but Michael's also carries them)
> Soccer ball (Or whatever you want to use. Volleyball, baseball, basketball, football, etc.)
> Hot glue gun and sticks
> Scissors or x acto knife
> Super Glue

Flowers were $1.99 each, and I picked up a youth sized soccer ball from Target for $9.93. My total came to $18.45 for just the flowers and ball. I already had the other materials.
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jennybotha1 year ago
This is just great.!!! gives me an idea for the huge, vinyl bean bag, that I was given. ( Probably because it was coming loose in some of the seams ) Also saw a handbag that it could be used for. Thanks for sharing. ---- Now I just have to find out what can be done with the polystyrene filling. Know it's very static.
I didn't have too much trouble with static, but I guess it all depends on the material being used. This was a thick rubber, and all my science classes lead me to conclude that static shouldn't affect rubber. I'm not sure how thin vinyl will react.
Awesome! Way to make it yourself :)