How to Make Rose Pendant Made of Polymer Clay and Cristal Resin




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Introduction: How to Make Rose Pendant Made of Polymer Clay and Cristal Resin

I love making jewelry, so I come to Idea - how to make a polymer clay rose coated with cristal resin. Visit my Jewelry Store: 
There are many Handmade, Unique Jewelry made of Cristal Resine by me.   

Step 1: What You Need?

1. Polymer Clay

2. Cristal Epoxy Resine (usualy 2 components:  A and B - 2 mesures of conponent A and 1 mesure of conponent B)

3. Some plastic cups

4. Plastic spoon


Step 2: Instuctions

1. Take polymer clay and make a rose like on images:

Step 3: Coating Roases With Cristal Resin

2: Bake your roses in oven and when finished mix your Cristal resine in some plasic cup (read the instructions on resine bottles).

3: Paint out roses with cristal resine and wait for 24 hours that resine come hard and shiny. 

Step 4: Finished Roses

Waiting cristal resine to dry and come hard and very shiny.
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    They are really beautiful!

    They are really beautiful!

    Hi, how do you get the thread through, where are the holes?

    These are great, what did you use for the gold?

    Very nice. The resin really sets off the gold flake.

    I think this instructable would be better if you gave more instruction on building the rose - not everyone is able to follow only photographs. Nice first, though!

    I absolutely love these, but one question how long do you bake these and for how long?

    1 reply

    Hello, I`m glad that you like it. When You buy polymer clay you must get all instruction how to bake it, but I bake polymer clay for 30 minutes on 130 degree celsius. I dont know how much is that in Fahrenheits. Happy baking.
    Look at image bellow - another pendant with same tehnique.


    Please, wirte some comment - this is my first instructable