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Introduction: How to Make Rubber Band Gun

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This is one of my favorite things to play with.It can knock over a tin can.It involves no k'nex (for the people that don't have any) and is easily built.I recently was thinking that we have no rubber band gun instructables.So I made this instructable.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:(for machine gun)
Piece of wood about1-3 feet long
flat shoelace or string
flat top thumbtack,and rubber bands

Two pieces of wood
clothes pin
Rubber bands

Step 2: Building the Pistol

Take your two pieces of wood,or one piece of wood.Nail one piece to the other piece.It should look like the picture.If you are using one piece of wood just glue a clothespin to the top.It helps keep the rubber band on if you put a notch at the front(e).FIRING:take a rubber band and stretch it back to the clothes pin.Press on the clothes pin to fire.

Step 3: The Machine Gun

Take your piece of wood 1-3 feet long and cut notches in it(figure a)Then tack string to the front(c)Flat shoelaces work best.Then you must load the gun.Take the string and lay it on top the notches.Take a rubber band and set it on the string on the notches.To fire,pull up and back on the end of the string.

Step 4: Having Fun

A way to have fun with these is to shoot tin cans.The machine gun gives you a chance to blast away at targets.The pistols are fun to take careful aim with.



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    How do you shoot it?Do you put in notches and put hte other end on the left or right side?According to Pic 1.

    3 replies

    You take a hold of the other end of the string and pull it slow or fast,depending on how fast you want the rubber bands to go.

    I know that.But do you put the other end of the rubberband on the left or right side of the picture BEFORE you shoot?

    The notches go all the way across the board.And letter d is where the rubber bands are stretched back to the notch that is closest to letter d.

    um... oaky but what does this have 2 do with knex?

    5 replies

    Well,some people don't have k'nex but they still want to make rubber band guns.Also some people think there are to many k'nex instructables.

    knex guns rule! but the ones which actually shoot pieces r better than knex rbg's

    I don't like k'nex guns because it is not like the joy of making your own permanent rubber band gun.

    If the people of Instructables would make something like knexstructable, we could post all our knex things on that site. Also I think with the spelling check they should out the word knex in it.

    Yeah.I wish that instructables would have a knex section that only if you went there could you get knex ibles.

    u put two of these in it

    two of these( ~ ) before and after the sentence

    5 replies

    how do u do that, but i can write small but i sorta forgot how to lol

    Now,can you write like this?sıɥʇ op ʇ,uɐɔ noʎ ʇǝq ll,ı ʎǝɥ

    I can write small but I can't write with the line through it.

    Wait!I might be able to wri__te with the line through it___________