How to Make Rubberband Stars.


Introduction: How to Make Rubberband Stars.


This is my entry into the "Forbes teach me fast" contest" on instructables. I made a similar video some time back, but I took it down because the video was not accepted due to a technicality. I made this revised video which also has better quality and does it the way Fungus wants it done.

I learned this little trick from my cousin a few years ago, and thought this would be an awesome entry for the contest.

My cousin for teaching me this trick
Instructables for the contest
My parents for buying me the camera and giving me permission to film in their bedroom (again).


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    31 Discussions

    Youtube didn't really like raw AVI files, and it sped up the video on its own. This video is entirely unedited.

    very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very fast.but you tried us to fool in 0:04 by making it overlaped AND can you make the star in a star and a hexagon?NO,yea i can

    1 reply

    What the hell was that about? I am not trying to fool anyone at that time. I never sped up the video, youtube mucked it up. Nobody cares if you can make a hexagon or whatever the hell you were trying to do. Quit spewing BS on my video. Seriously, I can't understand anything you say.

    It's quite tricky but now I've cracked it it's really good. At least it was until my friend showed me his version: A star within a star! Still, it's a cool little thing :)

    2 replies

    Oh then I must have meant a star within a star within a star. I'm not too sure if it was 2 bands though...