How to Make Scrambled Eggs If You're a Child





Introduction: How to Make Scrambled Eggs If You're a Child

Cooking scrambled eggs is easy.

Step 1: Get Everything Together

Step 2: Lube the Cup

Step 3: Add the Ingredients

Step 4: Whip It

Step 5: Nuke for 30 Seconds

Step 6: Whip It Again

Step 7: Nuke It a Little More (10 Seconds)

Step 8: Whip It Some More

Step 9: Nuke It a Little More (10 Seconds)

Step 10: Stir a Bit More; Top With Seasonings and Cheese

Step 11: Nuke It One Last Time (10 Seconds)

Step 12: Be Careful! It's Hot.

Step 13: While Waiting for It to Cool, Put the Stuff Away



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    ...oh, and to clarify what I meant by tasty not being a design goal:
    My boys have known that this is possible; there's a recipe on the fridge; they've seen me make eggs this way.
    However, like most kids, they seem to have a block on actually thinking through the steps to actually do it for themselves. The goal here was to literally go through each step, making the process as simple and complete as possible.

    FWIW, my "target audience" was my own kids, so tasty was not what you might call a design goal.
    However, having said that: they're surprisingly good :-)

    Microwaved scrambled eggs are surprisingly great tasting.


    Thank God your taste buds are located in your mouth!


    I hate how I'm not a child :(

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