Introduction: How to Make Shapes Out of Popcorn

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Have you ever made cool shapes out of food. Well, popcorn is the easiest to do it with, so follow this guide!

Step 1: A Sun

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You will need a piece of popcorn that is covered with butter so it looks yellow, like the sun!
Using your teeth, do you best to make it into a circle shape.
Now you have your sun!

Step 2: A Cloud

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Get a PLAIN white piece of popcorn.
Now, use your teeth to bite it into a cloud shape
There you have a cloud!

Step 3: A Sheep

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As you can see, I have already used my teeth to bite into this piece of popcorn into a sheep shape. But you can do it however you want. Use a plain white piece of popcorn. Bite into it into a cloud shape but with a head. Then add a face with your nails


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