How to Make Shelves From Old Skateboard





Introduction: How to Make Shelves From Old Skateboard

This is how it looks like now, so let's get to work!

I wrote on the picture in Hebrew because I did an instructable in Hebrew on a diffrent site...

Step 1: Sand the Skates

Use some kind of sand machine to polish the skates until they are smooth as a baby's butt.

Step 2: Painting

Paint your shelves with at least two layers. Wait until the paint is dry between layers.

Step 3: The Upper Side of the Shelves

Stick somthing that will keep your thing safe and unscratched (skates usually has sand paper on them).

Step 4: Mount

Find a good mount that you will be using to put the shelves on the wall.

Step 5: Mount Your New Shelves on the Wall

now that your all done you can mount your new shelves on the wall and start putting things on them :)

* The shelve is leveled but the mount is not orthogonal because of the skate's orientation

Step 6: The Final Step!

Enjoy your new shelves and don't forget to be awesome :)



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    That looks really nice, It has some kind of awesome look to it! ;)