Mis-matched pillow-cases?  Or ruined by bleach stains like mine?  Make some cool bottoms for the summer!
Just FYI:  these are like lounge shorts, or something you would wear when you go to bed.  I am proud of my work but still would not be caught dead in them in public.  Still with me?

Here's what you need:

1. Pillowcase

2. Sewing machine

3. Thread

4. Elastic

5. Scissors

6. Seam ripper

Step 1: Step 1: take apart pillow case

Picture of Step 1: take apart pillow case
Using a seam ripper, take out the pillow case seams so you have ONE long piece of material.
fisforphantom (author) 2 years ago
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lleah2 years ago
Awesome Sauce!
CraftyTC2 years ago
Great idea!!
Very nicely done! I made a pair of shorts recently similar to this, but I just used any old fabric. Nice reuse of a pillowcase :D