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Here is a tutorial on a simple pair of gathered tape curtains. I made these for my mums holiday home. 
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Step 1: Cut out and hem

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Measure your rail length and the finished drop you want your curtains to be. Remember to take into account any pattern repeat. (Seperate tutorial to be posted later)  Add 6"for hems and 2" for top turn down.  Measure fabric twice before you cut.  Press the hem up 3" and Turn in again. Mitre corners. Pin and slip stitch. 
kate.pickeral7 months ago

Love them also !

Very nicely done! I also love that valance! Did you make that too?
winneyandrose (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks, yes i did. I love making curtains and pelmets. Im going to post some different types of headings at some point.