Picture of How To Make Simple Electronic Cards
I have a love for electronics and technology, and really enjoy building them. (or anything with moving parts/electric parts). On my family's birthdays and other occasions I like to make really simple electronic cards. Here's how to make them.

(maybe not any as complicated as the picture, because this has so many LEDs)

Thanks to these websites for pictures:


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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

I usually use the following:

-Aluminum foil
-Non-flexible paper
-Electrical tape
-LEDs or a small motor
-I usually use nine volt batteries because I don't have the money for button cells, which work much better because of their size.
-A brain
-The ability to not get frustrated and rip everything to pieces (I barely make this one)
-Wire strippers
-Scotch tape

Step 2: Decide what you want to make

Picture of Decide what you want to make
I usually plan out what the card will have. Many times I just have the "i" in birthday have a LED for it's dot.  You will probably have problems if you don't work this planning out first.
adianand1 year ago

its cool

does this have multiple pictures? like those automated picture frames?