How to Make Simple Leather Print.





Introduction: How to Make Simple Leather Print.


Thanks for checking out my instructable!

I want to show you, how I make a simple and cheap print for leather. This is very easy and cheap method. With this method you can make some difficult image prints on the leather and others materials. To make your print you need about 10 minutes. Image, that you want to print should be mirrared.

Step 1: What We Need to Create Our Leather Print.

We need:

  1. Leather

  2. Laser printer

  3. Image what we need to print.(It will be printed image with laser printer)

  4. Acetone

  5. Wadding


Step 2: Lets Start to Create Our Print.

We put our printed image with front side
to our piece of leather. Then we wet our wadding and image. The image should not move, when we wet it. Because, if it moves we will made bad print.

Step 3: Finish Our Print.

Finally, you are in last step!We need carefully
take off our image from our piece of leather. And now, we see finished print. With this method you can made simple and cool leather accessories, with great unique design.If you have any questions please ask!



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    I tried this with a laser printed image, %100 pure acetone and the best I got was lighter leather look with spots of black. The worst parts the leather stuck to the paper and came up with it. Tips?

    1 reply

    Try this instead. It seems ink jet printers work best for this.

    Hi, is this working with ink printer image ? Best Regards Heikki

    3 replies

    Maybe, you can try. I have only laser printer :(

    Hi, it do not work !

    :( Try at laser printer.

    If you were dying you leather, do you think you'd do this before or after the dye was applied? Also, what effect, if any, does the acetone have on the ability to add a finish to the leather?

    1 reply

    It all depends on what dyes you use. I am dying leather and adding finish all was ok. I made a print before dying leather.

    you're welcome

    Very cool. Do you have any experience with how durable the print is? Or how the laser print interacts with other things, like stains or finishes? Have you had any trouble with the design bleeding? I make shoes, and this could be a very cool technique for custom surface design.

    1 reply

    The durability and quality of the print depends on the quality of the material. Since I have only used this technique on clean leather, I don't really know about the stains and finishes, but do feel free to experiment. Finally, the print shouldn't be bleeding, if the material is properly prepared.

    Sometimes I'm using special waterproof wax and lacque :)

    Thanks for the info. Great idea!

    I'm glad to help you :)