Step 4: Straining and storing!

Picture of Straining and storing!
Once your simple syrup is room temperature, you'll need to strain it. If you put in any sort of citrus zest or ginger, they can be left on a sheet of parchment paper to dry - they're delicious! I actually ate all of my ginger and lemon while taking photos. :P

Sometimes I'll strain right into the jar, sometimes I'll strain into a large measuring cup and pour it into the jar. It all depends on how much simple syrup you have, how "pourable" your pan is, and how messy you're feeling. If you have a big funnel that works too! I only have a teeny one so it was no help and only sat around and judged me as I made a mess.

I prefer to keep my simple syrup in glass jars because glass won't absorb the flavors like plastic will so you can use the jars over and over. I just clean up ones I get from the store.

Simple syrup will keep in the fridge up to six months, and if you only make small batches as you need it, you'll never need to worry about it spoiling!

Enjoy your simple syrup!

1renoir6 months ago

This is super helpful! I thought I would start keeping simple syrup in the fridge for fresh tea and lemonade. I never considered that the syrup could be custom-made with flavors! Thank you so much for this wonderful instructable!