How to Make Six Petal Puff Flower Crochet




Introduction: How to Make Six Petal Puff Flower Crochet

This is my video tutorial on how to crochet a six petal puff flower.

The pattern I used is very simple and I tried to make it step by step in the video. Anymway, the pattern is:

1. Chain 4

2. Slip stich in stich 1 of the chain to join sides and make a ring

3. Chain 2 and do 11 double crochet around (inside the ring loop)

4. Slip stich in stich 2 to join sides

5. Chain 2, yarn over, pull yarn in the same stich

6. Do 2 more times to make 3 loops in the same stich

7. Do 3 more loops in the next stich8. Yarn over, pull all the loops, first petal made

9. Do 5 more petals repeating from step 5

Hope this is helpful! ^_^

Step 1: Video Tutorial



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