How to Make Small Money From SURVEY




Introduction: How to Make Small Money From SURVEY

Survey offers come and go from junk email, none trust them. Yes, I found the survey sounded for $1 and more are ALL fakes. They just waste your time and bring in extra more junk email at last.

Step 1: The Trustable Web Site Which I Tested for 6 Months.

I have tried three more web that claimed to pay for survey, only this one work and it works well!
This is the list that I was paid within half year.

Step 2: The Web Site

This is the web site which I worked with.

Step 3: Hope You Can Read CHINESE

I really hope that you can read Chinese because I wrote down all my experience on my Chinese blog in detail. My blog is here:

The title of the blog is 'Make small money, $10 a day'.
It has 36 detailed explanations with 11407 page view up to now (May, 18th, 2009) and for the google ad which I added to the top, I had made $36 around now.

Step 4: First

First, please go to the web site to sign up yourself.

Step 5: ALL Checks Which I Received.

These are ALL checks which I received.

Step 6: Hope You Can Read Chinese

hope you can read Chinese



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      All links are removed now, thanks!

      The referrer link has been removed (as has my previous comment) but it's still unsuitable for Instructables. Re-flagged!

      Please don't post links to sites like these. This should be removed (8g)


      I actually belong to two legit sites that pay you to open email for 2 cents each and you can take surveys for 50 cents if you so choose. They're both exactly the same and easy. Anybody who wants invites to check the sites out should PM me.