How to make soft pretzel bites

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As you may know, I've made soft, mall pretzels before, but today I decided to do it a tad differently. Instead of making pretzels in the shape of the classic pretzel twist, I made pretzel bites! It was a whole lot easier and I think they baked more thoroughly too. Here's how I did it:

Step 1: Ingredients

Active Dry Yeast - 2 1/4 tsp
White Sugar - 1 tsp
Salt - 2 tsp
Flour - 4 1/2 cups
Warm Water - 1 1/4 cups
Butter - 1/4 cup
Baking Soda - 1/2 cup
Hot Water - 4 cups
Vegetable oil*

*just enough to lightly oil a bowl.
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shazni10 months ago

I'm confused about dinner buns and pretzels? Are they the same ? Is it sift and buttery? I want to make the soft small round buns served in flights or hotels. Please let me know. Thanks

elewis03 (author)  shazni10 months ago

Hi there! These are small, bite-sized versions of the classic "mall pretzel." This is not what you're looking for. Search "dinner rolls" to find what you are looking for!

shazni elewis0310 months ago

Thanks! I shall check it out!

Pench2 years ago
I love it! Only one thing though, it would be good to seperate the Hot water and baking soda from the rest of the ingredients on the list so that nobody confuses the measurements for warm water like I did. :]
crapsoup2 years ago
Nice one!
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