Hello everyone,

This is my first instructable. I hope it will be helpful to some and clear enough to understand.

This is a machine I made that makes things impossibly thick. The steps that follow are not perfect, there are variables. These variables should become obvious.

There is a minimum of 10 steps with a few subsidiary steps to follow.

Step 1: November 28, 1980: Conception

November 28, 1980. I was born in Barrie Ontario, Canada at the Royal Victoria Hospital. A 10 story hospital filled with many bodies, machines and countless fluids. I am told that the number of sperm present in a man can vary greatly depending on numerous factors (such as general health, time of the month, the presence of toxins). The body produces new sperm all the time as they are expelled during ejaculation, but they also have a very short life span. There is one egg though countless, unimaginable numbers of sperm, and each one carries a slightly different DNA. The chances that any one sperm will fertilize an egg is very very low.

Conception is miraculous.
<p>Thank you for making this Instructable. It was interesting for me and I really like the thought process behind your steps. I particularly like step #3 since I just sat in the car with my mom a half an hour ago and we talked about tasks that make you daydream and how people do less and less of them. Technology takes away and &quot;facilitates&quot; these tasks for us. I think they are still important because your spirit has time to grow with them. We talked about ironing shirts as opposed to giving them to the laundry. Checking glasses is just as good.<br>Thank you, a very inspiring text I can connect with. Favorited so I can read it again when time comes for it.</p>
<p>The art of trespassing.</p><p>enjoy a screenshot taken out of Big Fish</p>
<p>Thanks!</p><p>That was like a massage for my tired brain.</p><p>It's always good to consider the infinite interconectedness of everything.</p>
Lol I was browsing for new ideas in shop techniques specifically aluminum for a submarine that I'm building (There'll be an instructable sometime int the coming months) It was a welcome break in research though! I'll definitely think twice the next time I look at a pop can or a pickle jar!
1 - This isn't an instructable. 2 - Your machine looks broken, or incomplete. 3 - No one cares that you were born in the armpit of Canada. 4 - This isn't a forum for introspective storytelling.
The whole point is that he bulked it up with items of no relvance at all. And remember the "Be Nice" policy?
ShawMaestro 1- My comment was written over a year ago, get on the ball. 2- Bulked up storytelling is still not an instructable. 3- There is nothing unkind about what I wrote, so the 'be nice' policy doesn't apply.
u must have some problems with puting evrything in lists....-.-
Yeah even though he said it was one year ago and I thought that he would change!
LOL 1 year and 13 days late mister.
LOL 16 minutes later mister
Dude,are you a wizard? :O
I dont get that? Is it a meme or something?
No I'm just amazed :O
yeah, but that says meme generator in the bottom right, I dont get that meme
It's for situations when people are amazed.
Ah, ok
Wow I almost posted 24 hours later
hee hee, you tell 'em!
Better than being born in Owen Sound, the bumhole of the elephant. (Take a map of Southern Ontario. Turn it sideways so that West is North, and the whole thing looks pachydermish. Note position of Owen Sound.) As to the "instructable" I dunno, it's pretty messed up, but kind of entertaining.
lol i love it!!!! yes it fundamentally lacks logic, but who needs logic any way!? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
&nbsp;How fitting that I stumble across this on April 1st. &nbsp;Kudos!
You are a fantastic writer.<br />
Vonnegut-esque... <br />
&nbsp;Genious, simply genious
I do not understand, and I'm content with that.<br /> <br /> Congratulations on your thickness.<br />
If People Would Pay Attention This Was A Great Instructable. It Taught You How To Make A Simple Explanation Of How To Make A Simple Pice Of Art&nbsp; Complicated And Seemingly Irrelavent Aka Thick. Most Tell About Themselves And What They Made In Step 1. In Step 2 Most Will Tell About The Tools They Had To Work With Or Where They Made What They Did. Steps 3-x (X Being Step 6 In This One.) Show How To Use More Comon Materials. The Next Few Steps (7 In This Case) Shows Something To Think About Such As Safty. After Those Explinations The Last Of The Matirials That Is Needed Is Something Uncommon And That Is Explained. (Step 8). The Last Step Will Tell How Every Thing Works Together (Step 9 For The Art Project, Step 10 For The Thickening One). Open Mindedness Helps Too.
Although bizarre, this makes more sense than doing a lot of the things people attempt with an Altoids box.
I just read this again a year-and-a-half later and it is still my favorite. Are you an artist elsewhere adamsix, or just on instructables?
Isn't Step 5 just a picture of Florida? I'm confused...
no, it is ice, surrounding a body of water (who can spell resovwar anyway?)
Dude... I LOVE IT. This is really cool. I love how you've used almost a stream of consciousness idea, it's more like word association football, but it's still similar. Disregard the fool who criticise it, they recognise not the value of your ideas.
On step five - "When electricity was demonstrated at the Chicago World's fair people thought it was a miracle." And it wouldn't have been such a miracle if it weren't for Nikola Tesla and his pioneering AC distribution system.
Hahaha. I love Canadians!
Love this Instructable! Also, the worrying about the lack of discipline sounds worryingly (for lack of a better word) familiar.
Seconds thoughts - this Instructable and its reactions strongly remind me of The Catcher In The Rye, and the boy who had to stay on topic and when he got off topic, the class would yell "Digression!" shattering his confidence. Nice.
This reads like a Fiery Furnaces album and I love it with all of my heart. I don't know how to vote on this website but I am about to figure it out and give you the best vote imaginable.
look at the right.
haha get it... it was a joke!!! if you made it and followed it you were thick!!! jeeze
Psychological help is available. See www.psychologicalselfhelp.org Although it is funny.
So you have managed to shine a light on a plastic chair in a pickle jar well done
Oh god, is this that "art" crap? Come on, get a life. I've been too busy with my life to understand pointless stuff, sorry.
but not too busy to post a pointless comment, eh?
So. . . what's your point? BTW, thith maketh me thick. . .
I don't think my comment was pointless. I'm just saying that this website is for instructions, not THIS stuff. I wanted to see something cool, but what I got was a letdown.
Please don't get me wrong, I too was letdown by this "instructable". I was refering more to your statement regarding "that 'art' crap." As I am an artist (electronic media) myself, I really don't understand the ignorance inherent in a statement such as "that 'art' crap.". Besides, you can't ignore the fact that several other 'ibles' are really pointless themselves, I'm thinking of all the "how to download free music" or the dozens of copycats who simply replicate someone else's work without demonstrating an improvement. I also think that if you find something mildly offensive like this, then why would you waste your time posting a non-constructive critical comment? especially when your life is so "busy".
I don't know. Let's let this drop.
wow thats something, um if i were you i would put the bong down

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