Picture of How to make spiders for Halloween
For Halloween I needed a lot of spiders! But the price to buy them was way to high. We planned on turning one of the trees in our front yard into a huge spider home.  We needed spiders of different sizes and a lot of them to make this look right. I came up with this idea to make realistic (at night) looking spiders that were budget friendly. Have fun making these.
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Step 1: The supplies

Picture of The supplies
Styrofoam balls of different sizes. You can also use pear shaped ones for the body. You will need 2 for each spider, 1 large for body and 1 smaller for the head. For these pics I used 1-1/2” for the head and 2-1/2 for body. For larger spiders, use best judgment for the difference between head and body.
Chenille stems for the legs
White Glue
Fishing line
Large needle
Small washers or beads
Monster mud- 1 part latex paint 4 parts sheetrock walling mud
Bamboo skewers
Piece of foam to hold spiders as they dry
Red puff paint or googly eyes
Black, red or whatever colors you want, acrylic paint
Brushes for mudding and painting

Step 2: Making the bodies

Picture of Making the bodies
2 adding glue and head.JPG
18 more spiders.JPG
19 med and small spiders.JPG
Push a toothpick into the larger ball. Put a dab of glue on the end of the toothpick and push the smaller ball on until it is snug against the large ball. Let dry. 
Note: for really large spiders there are large chenille stems available in black and other colors that will make large legs. I recommend getting the 1-1/2” Styrofoam balls to use as joints for the legs when you put them together.

Step 3: Getting ready to coat with monster mud

Picture of Getting ready to coat with monster mud
5 mudding the spiders .JPG
6 close up of mudded spider.JPG
Cover your work space with plastic or paper, as you can see from the pics working with monster mud can be quite messy. Push bamboo skewers into a large enough piece of foam to hold about 6 spiders at a time. Push the spiders on to the bamboo skewers to hold. 3. Cover spider with monster mud. Make sure you cover the foam completely but you don't have to fill in the holes. Let dry. The spiders will look like they have fur. 
jitoh1 year ago
Easy and exciting. Thanks for the instructable
staten69 (author) 1 year ago
thank you! and your english is really good! we used package spider web that can be purchased online and at stores that have halloween supplies. i have also seen people use string and knotted it together to get the spider web. not sure where you are located but you might want to check this link i love this store!
Benjam11 year ago
Great job, do you have a tip to make spider webs ? (excuse my english, I'm french !)