How to Make Spray Paint Art





Introduction: How to Make Spray Paint Art

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Spray paint art is very easy all you need is a few materials and you can usually find those within your house.  If you don't have some of the materials you get probably get them all for around $10.  The place you'll be working in will need to be well ventilated so you won't breath in all the fumes.  Depending on how big it is it shouldn't take long.

The materials you need are:
paper plates

spray paint

poster board

a magazine

a workspace

Those are all the materials you'll probably use.  You also might want a paint mask and latex gloves.  So let's get started!



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    Amazing and you make it look so easy.. :)
    I'm in the middle of decorating my sons new bedroom, but on the exterior wall it is seriously hard work !! the emulsion paint will not take to wall and this problem has unintentionally created a space scene colour effect ! so i might as well make good use of a bad space by adding the moon and stars.
    so ill be sure to try your moon tomorrow and load a picture for you to see how i got on.
    thanks and keep up the good work ye.

    Here is my moon wall art result thanks mate i think i done alight there .


    I did this for our vacation bible school one year, must of made over 100 planets for our space theme.

    i got one of these at the fair today, the kid is only sixteen and i just told him what i wanted and he made it.. he is such a beast.

    Awesome! Great job! Have to do it soon. Thank you!

    So talented..great job :o)