Introduction: How to Make Stainless Survival Knife for Kitchen Use (holey Blade)

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How to make stainless survival knife for kitchen use
(excellent for cutting cheese)

The blade base material is interesting is the following:
was a component of a galvanic machine.
It is considered to be included in the workpiece.
Unfortunately, quite soft,
not hold an edge well.
Conversely, acid and alkali resistant.
I do not know what might
perhaps nickel or manganese, or an intermediate metal.
Than aluminum harder, harder.

If someone has a good idea of ​​how to define the material I would welcome.

The machining a few words.
the options were simple, it worked rudimentary tools

The handle and blade of the holes in the drill, hand made​​,
with a file then I developed the final form
The blade length is 8 inches, the blade of which is approximately 4 inches.
I tried to be heat-treated, but no change in hardness.
Was heated to a dull red heat (cherry red), I tried oil well, water well.
The hardness remained unchanged.

Easy to sand, polish, leaving no trace of clothing or hands.

Proper for kitchen use.

Can it cut wood, but soon weakened.


EmcySquare (author)2012-06-07

Need Heat Treat, otherwise won't hold the edge or last long

Lorddrake (author)2012-06-06

nice pics.

could use some descriptive text though.

for example ...

what purpose do the 2 chamfered holes in the blade serve?

CementTruck (author)Lorddrake2012-06-06

I think that the holes already existed and he "made do" with a scrap piece of steel.

ironsmiter (author)CementTruck2012-06-06

photo 2... stainless knife stock, you get what you can, and make do :-)

On the upside, it might be useful in some situation...
Pulling nails, bolting onto a broom handle as a spear tip(if you don't have the wire or rope to lash it on), aking tiny wooden pegs, to pin together your camp furniture...

Kiteman (author)Lorddrake2012-06-06

Definitely needs text - I recommend posting this again as a proper step-by-step instructable.

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