Picture of How to make stamps with Sugru
Sugru's rubbery texture once it's cured and it's moldability when fresh out of the package lends itself well to stamp-making.  I played around with several different methods of making stamps with this material and was quite happy with the results.

Step 1: Materials and Tools:

Picture of Materials and Tools:
  • Sugru (I made all six stamps with 2 packs of Sugru)
  • Wood -cut to size and sanded, corks work too depending on what size stamp that you want
  • Carving tools, utility knife, nail etc.
  • Cling wrap
  • Dish soap
  • Pencil, scissors, glue
  • Wax
  • Craft foam
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satoko681 month ago
Thanks so much! This is going to go a long way in helping me create my custom business logo stamp. Sweet! Even more excited about this when I start thinking about what else I can do just by modifying this instructable for my own needs/purposes :-)
HMice3 years ago
Pretty cool! I've been looking 4 a way of making stamps, but I live in AUS and have no chance of getting my hands on some sugru... :(
pjewell HMice2 years ago
Sugru now shipping to Australia!!!! Hooray!!!
Takes a little longer than they say, maybe a week or two, but it arrives no problems. Now we can start hacking Aus. :-)
Just ordered some Sugru in AU. Arrived in my PO Box seven days after arrival.
ChrysN (author)  HMice3 years ago
I didn't realize they didn't ship there, I checked at the Instructables store and they only ship to Canada and US. Perhaps you can try to win some as a prize from Instructables (actually that's how I got mine). Here is one.
HMice ChrysN3 years ago
I worked out that if I draw a shape on foam then cut it out and glue it to cardboard I get similar results. My stams have been pretty good so far.
ChrysN (author)  HMice3 years ago
Cool, perhaps you could post an instructable on how you made it!
HMice ChrysN3 years ago
Yeah... I'll try but I've got no hope against you guys.... (pro memberships)
well... i got a pro member ship.. gifted actually :) all you need to do is to make some thing never made before by any one lol :)
Yeah, I've got one now coz my guide was on the front page. Hurrah!
ladamus4 years ago
I looked up Sugru - apparently it's something like a moldable silicone. A web search for any distributers in the US came up empty. Does anyone know if/where this can be bought in the US or is there something here (in the US) that can produce the same results?

ChrysN (author)  ladamus4 years ago
It's only sold from the UK right now at http://sugru.com/.  The cost of shipping isn't to bad.
ladamus ChrysN4 years ago
Is there anything comparable to this product in the US?
wocket ladamus3 years ago
thinly sliced pencil erasers would do the same trick
splazem ladamus4 years ago
ChrysN (author)  splazem4 years ago
Thanks, I didn't realize they sell it there.  Here is the link http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/tools/e976/
splazem ChrysN4 years ago
Yup. Oh, and I'm planning on making these. I got a pack of sugru from the kind instructables employees at Maker Fair Detroit. I'll post pictures when I make them. Oh, and congrats on becoming a featured author!
ChrysN (author)  splazem4 years ago
Thanks, love to see your stamps!
splazem ChrysN4 years ago
Give me a week or so...
ChrysN (author)  ladamus4 years ago
If you use text this way, you won't have to do it mirror image, right? You can carve letters normally, they will reverse, in the sugru mold, and then they will come back to readability again each time you press a stamp, right? :-0
ChrysN (author)  shakespeare12124 years ago
Yes, that's right.
So, awesome, thank you!
ynze4 years ago
Great! The different ways to make an image are super. Would the Sugru hold on a rolling pin, you think :-D ? I got to get hold of some Sugru, one of these days...
ChrysN (author)  ynze4 years ago
If it is a wood rolling pin like the one you used for your stamps the Sugru should stick really well, great idea.
thepelton ynze4 years ago
I'm not sure. You would have to experiment to find out. I do know that you could attach it to a thick dowel which could be used like a rolling pin. I have seen dowels as thick as three inches. (76.2mm)
thepelton4 years ago
I was thinking that the person who was putting Jack O Lantern faces on Mikan Citrus to give away at Halloween could use some Sugru to make a Jack O Lantern face that could be stamped on the side of the fruit.
ChrysN (author)  thepelton4 years ago
Good point, that would totally save a lot of time.
handprints4 years ago
you never cease to amaze!!
ChrysN (author)  handprints4 years ago
sylrig4 years ago
This is such a good use for the little leftover blobs of sugru that harden before you have a chance to think up another use for them. I have one right now, in fact, and will try this today. Thanks!
ChrysN (author)  sylrig4 years ago
Yes it's hard to predict sometimes how much Sugru you'll need for a project and with a narrow time window to work with it is hard to quickly find another use for the leftover bit.
PinkHeart4 years ago
Very smart idea. I love making my own stamps but never with sugru.
ChrysN (author) 4 years ago
Yes, that's true. You can cover mistakes with more Sugru let it cure and try again.
krcorcoran4 years ago
Wow... bet you could use this stuff to fix mistakes you have made on a block print. it looks like it works the same.
sunshiine4 years ago
I received my sugru yesterday and this would be a good way to use it! Thanks for posting this one.
halla4 years ago
great idea and easy way to do
zapador4 years ago
Uh-oh.... I think we might just have a winner. :O

This is a seriously amazing way to use the stuff!
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