Picture of How to make super easy studded wristbands (no sew and very cheap)
This idea came to me a very long time ago. When I was in 7th grade, I had this obsession with wristbands. I made this very punk style one out of an old belt and scraps of facbic. Recently I rediscovered the joy of DIY punk stuff.

Here's how I did it.

So they might not look as good as the ones in the pic, right? But doesn't that make them look cooler?

Well...I guess you could sew them. But you would need a leather needle.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The beauty of making wristbands, is that they can be made from almost anything. It really depends on the style, wether it be punk or hippy.

Here's what I used for the Punkband:

-An old studded belt (When I started it was only 1 line of pyramid studs)
-Scraps of plad fabric (Plad to add a punk feel)
-Velcro (from local Canadian Tire, I prefer industrial strengh)
-Hot glue gun and glue
um trahsed is spelled trashed. but good trying man
good work canadian dude
Asmodeous4 years ago
the top band looks like blood coming through a bandage - cool!
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Woo Canada! Good to see others with pride for their country.
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everyone assumes we have no pride. its just because the Americans are so patriotic that the contrast makes us look lazy :P
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Canadians just show it differently.
How?? and by the way i like your instructable
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Thank you. And yes, many Americans are extremely patriotic. Canadians show patriotism by, for example, make flag wristbands. I do agree with you in saying the relative partiotism of Cananda vs US is quite low, but we still are proud of our contry...at least I am. :)
Lol i kinda want to move to cananda do you still live there?
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Yeahhh! Canada is AWESOME! Sure the winter is 10 months long but you get used to it (jk) It really depends on where you want to move to.
I love america dont get me wrong but obama is just f****ing everythig up lol
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Haha, yeah. That's for true.