Picture of How to make tags
Yes, I know tags are easy to make, but I thought I'd share how I like to make mine :]

-Paper, or card [you can also use recycled materials, such as plastic or newspaper]
-Hole puncher
-2 mini washers

Step 1: Cut out a shape

Picture of Cut out a shape
The title says it all. Cut out any type of shape you would like your tag to be. I made mine a heart in accordance to Valentines day. ♥
misharenu994 years ago
Is the type of glue important?
jobo12354 (author)  misharenu994 years ago
I don't think so. As long as the washer remains attached then it's okay.
Canadamama5 years ago
I love the washer idea, I am always running out of eyelets, or they are just not the right size for the job.
Nano_Burger5 years ago
If you have a grommet tool, you could cut the hole and add a nice brass grommet at the same time.  Most tools are geared towards lager sizes though.  Maybe an eyelet tool?
ChrysN5 years ago
The washers are a clever way to prevent tearing.  Nice!