Step 2: Hole

Use a single hole puncher shown in the picture below or if have a 3 hole puncher, just use a part of the puncher to get the hole punched.

Add a hole at a corner, or edge of your shape. Make sure it's not too close to the edge. Don't be silly and punch the hole in the center...Unless that's really what you're aiming for...
Is the type of glue important?
I don't think so. As long as the washer remains attached then it's okay.
I&nbsp;love the washer idea, I&nbsp;am always running out of eyelets, or they are just not the right size for the job.<br /> Thanks <br />
If you have a grommet tool, you could cut the hole and add a nice brass grommet at the same time.&nbsp; Most tools are geared towards lager sizes though.&nbsp; Maybe an eyelet tool?
The washers are a clever way to prevent tearing.&nbsp; Nice!<br />

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