Introduction: How to Make Tea

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You will need:
Kettel with boiled water, your favourite tea, 1 big glass and something sweet?

Oh, if you find it this process to difficuilt i suggest you to watch a video i uploaded here as well. Name DVD.

Enjoy your TEA!

Step 1: Preparation

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get started.
Prepare tea and your big glass!
Meanwhile let your kettle boil. :)

Step 2: Still Prepairing

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Yay! Kettle is boiled and ready to be used!!

Step 3: Choosing

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Very important to choose very tasty tea! or else you will need to do the process all over again!

Step 4: Delicate

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Now you ahve to open a fragile pocket of tea, IMPORTANT! do NOT damage the tea-bag.

Step 5: Exctiting!

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Now you ahve to carefully take the tea bag out!
Did it? fllow next stop.

Step 6: Getting Hot!

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Now you have to put extremely hot water in your glass!

Step 7: Making!

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Now, put  your tea-bag into the big glass and let it go under the boiled water!

Step 8: Waiting Time!

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Wait as long as you need. But be sure that your tea has enough colour and taste!

Step 9: A Small Tip

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If you want the waiting time to be shorter do the movement "in" and "out" couple of times. By moving your tea-bag it will give more taste into your extremely hot water!

Step 10: Finally!

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Enjoy your tea! Preferably with something sweet and tasty!

a small tip: if you dont want to get your tea too strong take your tea bag out and put in on teh small plate. So you will have no drops on your table as well. Less cleaning!

Yaaay! So tasty!


Hannah_Elizabeth (author)2017-10-14

This was okay. There should have been some proofreading before this was posted.

calskin (author)2012-02-14

Great ible. I've always wondered how it was done. Now if only there was one on making toast...

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