How to Make Teeny Tiny Boats Out of PVC Pipe





Introduction: How to Make Teeny Tiny Boats Out of PVC Pipe

This is my entry for Kiteman's International Go-Pro Challenge, the Make It Stick Contest 2 and the 4th Epilog challenge. Its also my very first ible :D Enjoy!

(For Kiteman's International Go-Pro Challenge)
The 'international' part of this ible is the fact that Singapore used to be a humble fishing village and is now a successful trading port, so boats are pretty important in the development of my country. Hope you enjoy it!

(For the Make It Stick Contest 2)
I've used super glue here though there's not a lot. But hey, its a good use of it!

(For the 4th Epilog challenge)
I think these are pretty cool because they're so tiny! It requires a lot of precision to build these and a lot of creativity to turn a piece of PVC into a ship, so I think I'm pretty eligible to enter this contest. Plus I have a shrink ray.

(Constructive criticism welcomed)

(None of the pictures were taken with potatoes, though some with a watermelon)

Step 1: Materials

You need *deep breath*

1) A piece of PVC

2) Super glue (CA)

3) Alumin- (whatever you call it) foil

Now that was a *ahem* long list...

Step 2: Tools

To make this you'll need a few tools too...

1) Junior hacksaw (a regular one's a bit thick)

2) Sandpaper (80 and 220)

3) An ultra fine point sharpie

4)  A knife

5) A flame (I used an alcohol lamp cos it looks cool)

6) Pliers (I used some old forceps)

Step 3: Measure and Cut

Measure about 1/3 of the pipe and cut it down with the junior hack

Trim off the burrs with a knife and sand it nice and smooth. It makes it easier to handle later.

Step 4: The Squishy Step

Take the PVC and wrap it up in a piece of household sheet metal

Then pass the PVC through a flame for no more than 10 seconds. Keep it moving!

Once thats done take something flat and squish the PVC flat. Try not to touch it. ITS HOT!

Alternatively, you can put the PVC in boiling hot water, but I find that pretty slow :P

(Note: U really need to keep it moving, I burnt mine while taking the picture)

Step 5: Cutting Out the Hull

Measure out the flat PVC. Don't use the angled ends.

Dimensions are 9/16 inch by 5/32 inch.

Cut it out with a junior hack. 

Keep the other scrap piece.

(Note: Cut OUTSIDE the lines. Not ON them. I had to cut another hull)

Step 6: Sanding!

Mark the centre of the piece and sand towards and make a point.

I find 80 grit good for the roughing out while 220 is good for smoothing it out

Then sand the bottom. Use your imagination to make a nice shaped hull!

Step 7: The Cabin

Cut out a piece thinner than the hull and about 1/3 of the length.

Use a VERY TINY bit of super glue and stick it on.

Use a pair of pliers so you won't get your fingers stuck on too!

Its looking a lot more boat like now...

Step 8: The Antenna Thingy

I hope you kept the cut off piece from just now cos you'll need it!

Cut out the width of a ultra fine point sharpie marker. Use a very sharp knife or it won't work.

Then cut a piece that fits nicely on top of the cabin and is about half as tall.

Glue that on and then the antenna on top of that.


Ok fine, they aren't exactly big. Yeah actually they're pretty small. No wait, extremely small.

Cut out a piece thats half way between the size of the cabin and the antenna mount.

Cut out two more antennae (ugh...)

Using VERY LITTLE GLUE again. Trust me. Glued up skin on a micro sized boat is NOT pretty.

Once thats done just glue the gun in front of the cabin

Step 10: The Crucial Step

This step is extremely important. 

Admire your work! Be happy that you've made something this small!

And most of all, try not to be so upset that your fingers are all covered in CA (its inevitable dude...)



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    you forgot an compass for inside the cabin

    What a cool idea! Since bath tubs have gotten so small my fleet doesn't fit any more. Hey with these, Anchors Away, were taken Normandy! I'll never grow-up. Please tell me they float!

    Aww man sorry but they don't. But maybe if you made them out of foam and used a grain of sand for a ballast it might work ;)

    I can't believe how small it is! Got my vote for sure. Can't wait to see what you could do with a laser.

    Thanks! Maybe one day I can fit my creations in the eye of a needle like Willard Wigan.

    wow got my vote could i modify this to make micro parts for a robot i am making

    Hey thanks! Do post some pics when u make the bot!

    i will got find my solder stuff just moved

    If you put these little boats in water do they float and stay upright?

    Sadly no... maybe if I made them out of some dense foam.