Step 7: The Cabin

Cut out a piece thinner than the hull and about 1/3 of the length.

Use a VERY TINY bit of super glue and stick it on.

Use a pair of pliers so you won't get your fingers stuck on too!

Its looking a lot more boat like now...
<p>you forgot an compass for inside the cabin</p>
What a cool idea! Since bath tubs have gotten so small my fleet doesn't fit any more. Hey with these, Anchors Away, were taken Normandy! I'll never grow-up. Please tell me they float!
Aww man sorry but they don't. But maybe if you made them out of foam and used a grain of sand for a ballast it might work ;)
I can't believe how small it is! Got my vote for sure. Can't wait to see what you could do with a laser.
Thanks! Maybe one day I can fit my creations in the eye of a needle like Willard Wigan.
wow got my vote could i modify this to make micro parts for a robot i am making
Hey thanks! Do post some pics when u make the bot!
i will got find my solder stuff just moved
If you put these little boats in water do they float and stay upright?
Sadly no... maybe if I made them out of some dense foam.
Hey guys! If you think this instructable is awesome pls vote for it!
I agree, this is pretty awesome! And it was really fun reading it :)
Do you make other things out of PCV?
Unfortunately no... But i'm working on it!
What a great work! Congratulations.

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