Introduction: How to Make Text Appear As a “background” Behind an Element in Photoshop.

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This Instructable will explain how to make text appear behind objects in a digital photo using Photoshop.

Step 1:

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Drag a photo onto the Photoshop icon to open the image.

Step 2:

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Click on text tool and choose the font, size or style for your text.

Step 3:

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Click on the photo and type your text. This creates a new layer.

Step 4:

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Move the text with the move tool to the location of your choice on the image. for this example, I chose to place the text along the boundary between the rocks and the water. My goal is to make the text appear as if it's behind the rocks.

Step 5:

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If you want to change the font, size or style of the text, select the text layer in Layer Palette, select the text tool, and highlight the text now you can finalize the size. (Be sure your text treatment is finalized before moving to step 6.)

Step 6:

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Now you have to click layer in the menu bar then select rasterize then click type.

Step 7:

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Lower opacity to see through pictures.

Step 8:

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Once you have your text positioned,you can use the lasso tool to select text areas that you want to remove.


Step 9:

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Make sure you're on the text layer) While holding the option button,you simply click at the spot in the document where you want to begin the selection of the text. , then continue holding your mouse button down and drag to draw a freeform selection outline,once you cut your text (delete & command D)

Step 10:

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Repeat this process until all your text is deselected.


TheG3 (author)2015-07-10

Thanks!!!!! This helped me so much. Quick question though, what font did you use?

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