How to Make the BEST Command Prompt (cmd)





Introduction: How to Make the BEST Command Prompt (cmd)

Hello, everyone!

Today I will show you how to make one of the BEST CMDs ever.

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Step 1: Materials

Here's what you need:

     • Computer
     • Text editor (Can be simple, I'm using Notepad for Windows)
     • You
     • Keyboard (Optional, see step 2)
     • Mouse (Optional, see step 2)
     • Hand(s)

If you have most of the above, (must include computer, keyboard/mouse and hand[s]) then you can click Next Step

Step 2: The Code

Ok. Here's the code (copy between the stars) then I will explain:


@echo off
title Command Prompt - by account3r2
echo (C) Copyright Microsoft Corp.
set /p "cmd=%cd%>"
goto cmd


Yes, about step 1... You can use the mouse to copy, paste and save the file. Or you can just use the keyboard, using MouseKeys or shift-select then CTRL-C and CTRL-V.

Step 3: The Explanation

@echo off ----- This tells the computer not to display commands unless it is told to do so.

cls ----- This clears any text on the screen.

title Command Prompt - by account3r2 ----- Displays the text after "title" on the title bar.

ver ----- Displays the version of Windows you are running.

echo (C) Copyright Microsoft Corp. ----- Echo displays text, The rest just says the Microsoft has copyright.

echo. ----- Echo with a period after it skips a line, like pressing enter twice does.

:cmd ----- Sets a point to access called "cmd".

set /p "cmd=%cd%>" ----- Makes a line you can type on, then saves what you typed tempararily into "cmd".

%cmd% ----- Does the command you typed.

echo. ----- Still skips a line.

goto cmd ----- Goes to the access point set called "cmd"

Step 4: Saving the File

Now we will save the file.

First, press file. (OR Alt+F)
Next, press Save or Save As... (OR S) (OR Just Press CTRL+S at #1)
Then, Type a name like "whatever.bat" or "CMDPRMPT.bat" but whatever it is put .bat at the end (you can use on screen keyboard for this)
After that, press save.

Step 5: Running the Program

Next you run the program by double clicking it or by selecting it and pressing enter.
It should look like the picture below.

Step 6: Suggestions? Updates?

If anyone has any suggestions or updates for this program, please leave a comment below. Feel free to leave any comments for anything else, and again, please rate this! Thanks!



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how can i make my OWN commands and only run my OWN commands (not windows commands)?

so. I try to put " prompt _: " in and it does not work ;-; FICKS ITTTTTTT

nvm. Just had to change cmd=(stuff) to cmd=_:

PLs Tell Me How Get Some One Nearest IP Addresses

If you want a net work ip just do followings:

1. net view (You will see every person on your network)

2. tracert NAME (You'll see the person(s) pc name in net view)

3. Lookup the ip who you traced in your network simple :D


There isn't anything like enough in this to be worth posting. Stuff like this is all over the internet anyway - what can you write that's something new / different / clever?


Using this code enables you to make changes to your prompt that you wouldn't otherwise be able to. For instance:

@echo off



title Command Prompt - by account3r2

echo Command Prompt - by account3r2


echo (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.



set /p "cmd=%cd:\=/%>"

call %cmd%

goto :cmd

Like maybe... How to make a program that makes one of the EASIEST to make and the BEST CMDs ever? And I could post the program on this 'Ible?

Well yeah, the site's for stuff we don't know already - sharing stuff we've learned etc.