Picture of How to make the Ctrl+Alt+Delete screen show up @ logon
This instructable is on how to make you press Ctrl+Alt+Delete before you logon.

This is fairly easy to do.

Step 1: Disable Welcome Screen

Picture of Disable Welcome Screen
For this to work, we have to disable the welcome screen. To do this, Start\Control Panel\User Accounts\User Accounts\Change the way users log on and off\clear Use Welcome Screen Checkbox
You can also go into Run, and type control userpasswords2

Then click on the Advance tab and check the box which says "Require users to press CTRL-ALT-DELETE"
retrogamer5 years ago
would this work on windows vista and windows 7?
PSPerson8 years ago
Are you running XP with a skin or vista?
THE_GEEK2007 (author)  PSPerson8 years ago
THE_GEEK2007 (author) 8 years ago