How to Make the Dragon Fly Paper Airplane!


Introduction: How to Make the Dragon Fly Paper Airplane!

About: Love folding paper airplanes, and thats about it.

How to make a simple, yet incredible paper airplane. thanks for all the views of this 'bile! 

Step 1: First Few Folds.

first few folds, pretty easy.

Step 2: Next Couple of Folds.

Next couple of folds, pretty easy.

Step 3: Final Folds.

Final folds. Congratulations! you finished the Dragon-fly! to throw, hold by middle of the plane, and throw at moderate speed.



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    i am bringing out my secret weapon............................................................My paper airplanes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 reply

    Grats for the contest! This is a pretty good plane too. 5*

    I like this design, the "rawr" definitely adds to the intimidation factor. :)

    Great for a first instructable! The photos are in focus and there is enough information to understand construction. :D

    Looks fast too...would you like to enter it in my contest? :?

    2 replies

    Ah, if your looking for speed, i might have to bring out my secret weapon plane... Hehehe...

    Speed and range are what PAC9 is aimed at. Looking at the Dragon fly it seems like it'd do well. Another plane to supplant it might be good too though. :)