Step 3: Painting the Jaw

The key feature for the jaw are the lips and metal re-enforcements. I think that once you get these in place you can have whatever details you want on the rest of the mask.

The lips are yet more cardboard, cut into shapes and glued onto the front of the jaw piece. I tried to mimic the photos I had of the movie prop but in the end I just added these things where they looked best. Each vertical bar is square and cut to line up with the top of the jaw. The re-enforcements on the bottom jaw are all tapered down to a point, the lower Jaw was also cut into a wave shape to add some more features.

This basic framework for the jaw trap was then covered with PVA glue and newspaper (apologies for the lack of these photos but If you're that desperate you can check out my other instructables for photos of how it might look) I dyed my glue a dark grey colour using poster paint. This made it easier to get a good solid colour across the mask.

To give it the metallic effect I used a metallic poster paint and a dry brushing technique. There are many better guides on how to dry brush, here is mine should you decide you dont want to look elsewhere for on.
Dip the brush in the metallic paint. Wipe the brush on a tissue or peice of cloth until most of the paint is gone. Then brush the object lightly with the brush. The metallic paint sticks on the raised parts of the object making them look like worn patches on a metal object.

This is the basic mask, from there you can add details.
<p>The boyfriend went as jigsaw &amp; Amanda this past Halloween of the movies 10 year anniversary. Making the mask was time consuming but we had fun with it and it turned out great! A lot better than some I've seen. We won 1st place in the costume contest we entered. </p>
You inspired me to make my own. Thanks for the help! Here is my masks.
My friend has started watching saw and he never stops talking about a thing called the reverse bare trap have you heard of it? it like blows of there heads if they don't answer the riddle in time or something very gorry not fun
Heres Mine!!
Sick!! That is just epic!! I want to build one but its a bit difficult for meh!! And can you open the jaws? NICEEE
what did you make the trap out of???
First I measued my head so It could fit and make sure its not to tight then I made the skeleton of the whole thing with cardboard next I&nbsp;duct tape all the pieces (some separate some together) to make it a little bulky&nbsp;then I&nbsp;super glued all the pieces together waited overnight and added the deatils.<br /> <br /> It took about 2 large boxes, 2 rolls of duct tape, 1 large tube of super&nbsp;glue, paint and misc. wires and bolts.<br /> <br /> also make a timer out of an old stopwatch, made a key out of black clay and lock out of paper.<br /> <br /> Just to make sure that the top head strap is secure because it will get heavy.
if i gave you my email could you send some pics of urs and a list of stuff you used to make it...
Sure but im not going to make a tutorial but some helpful tips
sounds good my email is <a href="mailto:paulpavilonis@yahoo.com" rel="nofollow">paulpavilonis@yahoo.com</a>. can u list the items you used.
There's something way simpler on this website called &quot;private messaging&quot;...
dude you should take that down, its called spammers<br />
Thanks and thank you for making a tutorial, it&nbsp;really helped me on getting started! I would of never thought of making it out of cardboard. I think this build cost me like $15, much cheaper than a $35 costume at the store.
Fantastic, I really love all the extra little detail you have around the mouth piece.
Thanks alot! I am now doing my own step by step instructions of how to make a Reverse Bear trap, NICEEE
esta bacan esa idea lo voy a hacer bye <br>
nice prop u have creative thinking
The reverse bear trap.
looks amazing .. I also makes one like it, I am a great fan of the series saw, I have to saw billy doll made ​​by me, hope I can do the reverse bear trap, as well I came Billy.<br>who are interested in the doll billy of saw them pass my youtube upload the tutorial soon on how to do .. if I do, surely I'll upload them to this page and link step.<br>thank you all, bye!<br>
nice paint job
would like the link please
That is so cool
can it kill?
nnooo! :P
This is the mine.
Cool! I made one that looks just like it! <br>Thanks for the help
Oh, that's really GREAT!!! thank you very much for this costume. it looks just like a real headtrap!
Your saw instructables are amazing! The versions that others have made and shared in the previous comments are great too! I have but one question, how difficult is it for the wearer of this mask to eat, drink, talk, etc. while wearing it? Do you have to remove it completely to eat or drink? I assume if you drank thru a straw you'd be ok but is there enough clearance to maneuver bits of foods to your mouth without having to remove the entire mask?
Dumb ? but how is she dressed as well? I want to make this for a party we are going to - I just need the other costume details.<br>And thank you - it's AWESOME!
My brother's girlfriend asked me to make this for her, and he's going as the Jigsaw mask dude. Thanks for this! :-)
Comparing yours to the actual movie prop, I like yours better.
This is AMAZING!! Can't wait for halloween!! Awesome job on the costume! I love it!!!
does it work?
Not at all, if you had read, you would know that ;)
Someone should make one that works.
One that rips your face apart?
Out of curiosity, WHY!?
There is a sequel coming out to the latest Saw movie called: &quot;Mr. Hankie Man&quot;...&nbsp;
because cows can kill
Oh, I didn't know you wanted me to do it.
I am
&nbsp;Thanks for this instructable - I love making my own costumes and this was fun! Here are my efforts...didn't get any pics of the back unfortunately but there was a makeshift timer and padlock too. :)
I&nbsp;tried it last year and it looked great.&nbsp; I&nbsp;won a costume contest... thanks!&nbsp; Here's my instructable - https://www.instructables.com/id/Reverse-Bear-Trap-Mask-from-Saw-I/<br />
&nbsp;This is cool. I went to Universal for Halloween Horror Nights last night and the saw maze got me thinking on how to do some of the props. I was thinking of the shotgun collar that was hooked to the nurse.
very good movies. ive heard rumors that there is going to be a saw 5
actually thats not a rumor at all...there are going to be at least 7...possibly 9.
no the FINAL one as announced bu the producers came out in oct
Haha, one coming out now...<br />
i dont know why, but horror movies always have the longest series, whereas other movies usually only go to about 2 or 4 movies xD

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