Step 5: Bringing it all together

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Once the mask is completed I left it to my lovely wife to finish her outfit.
She did a smashing job of making her jaw look bruised and sore from where the trap was installed, she also darkened her eyes and put on a top that was similar to the one Amanda wears in the movies.

I think you'll agree that this mask looks pretty good and is rather well modelled by her. We were an instant hit at the halloween party.
Oh, that's really GREAT!!! thank you very much for this costume. it looks just like a real headtrap!
MissyMurder5 years ago
This is AMAZING!! Can't wait for halloween!! Awesome job on the costume! I love it!!!
NeonSpleen6 years ago
man youre making me so excited for halloween i dont know whether to be billy or amanda, great job on the costumes :D