Step 3: Padding the face

Picture of Padding the face
Now it's time to build up the face, starting with the eye socket and eye brow. This needs to be built large enough to make the previous step look flush with the rest of the face.

Scrunch some kitchen roll into tubes and shapes into bulk. Once you are happy with the position of these shapes then glue them down.

Add some cheeks to the mask, again this is just a scrunched up ball of kitchen roll which is shaped and positioned and finally glued into place.

The nose is more kitchen roll, as an afterthought I would probally use some small hoops on either side of the nose to form the nostril shape (again sorry no picture)

I wish there was more I could say about this step but there isn't. It's very simple. Just add kitchen roll to build up the face in the places you desire it.

what do you mean by making it look flush before you add more padding? id be most appreciative for a reply thank you
Adding the fish shape piece of paper around the eye socket leaves a big dent around the eye area. You need to fill this dent before you paper over it.
you know how you said to cut the jaw out peice out of the bottom of the mask ? well if you cut it out how is it going to stay there when you have it on? (and what do you mean kitchen roll?)
msraynsford (author)  Steven V Taylor7 years ago
I stuck the jaw to my own chin with double sided sticky tape. It worked very well and didnt come loose all evening. I should be updating this shortly with the final photos of me in my suit. Kitchen roll is the absorbant paper towel you use to clean up mess in the kitchen. Paper towels would also do the same, in fact anything that glues with PVA and provides shape will do. I used towels because they are easy to make into any shape you want.