KTP is a dual barrel knex pistol, that has 3 firing modes:
Semi auto (Strong)
Dual shot (Stronger)
or Single shot (Strongest)

I built it as a sidearm, and it works great.
You can easily turn it into a rifle,
but I didn't have enough knex to add a longer barrel or a stock.

The single shot can put a quarter inch dent in drywall!
It help if you tape the ammo though....

Its semi auto mode isn't quite true semi auto, but it fires at the same rate as one.
You see, it has two triggers, side by side...

Let's get building!

and credit to DJ Radio for the inspiration

(Single and dual shot mode shown in pics)

Step 1: Barrel Part One

This is the back end of the barrel.

1. Build four of these.

2. Clip them onto a yellow rod.

3. Build this.

4. Put them together here.

5.What you should have

The yellow rod might slide out, but just keep it there for now.
I dont exactly get this step, still Strugglin! <br>
I got it, made a Few Errors! <br>
Hope it works great! <br> <br>What could make the instruction clearer?
clear instrunctions i will build it when i can great job
Thanks, it's definitely my best instructable.<br> If you build using yellow rods instead of the blue ones, (Like in my rifle), it will be much stronger. But be sure to increase the barrel by two or three connectors for maximum range!
IS this worth taking apart everything youve made out of knex?<br><br>Because its tempting to take apart my two way kex sniper/rifle.
Yes, but I HIGHLY recommend adding a few barrel extensions to it.
I took my gun apart, built it, Just to find out that before completing the gun, i ran out of orange connectors.
:( That sucks.... But you can substitute other things for all of them except in the barrel!
Still not enough D:
Simple yet effective.<br />
Thanks, it's a pretty generic double barrel idea, but I&nbsp;think&nbsp;I was the first person to actually make it. If you do build it, I recommend adding some sections to the front. If you add top and bottom sections, then you can basically put as many elastics as you have on it without it breaking. And it shoots far too...<br />
This is basically like my gun, but without the guide rails for most of the barrel length if I&nbsp;made it longer. ATM, my pieces are busy being in the D-TAB which I need to find the pieces to build the turrets for...<br />
&nbsp;I now know what i want for xmas... more Knexs
Now I have absolutely no reason to keep my first posted gun up. If anyone just begs me to put it back up, I will just link em here.
Was your first Ible your SPEC-9?<br />
My first knex ible.<br />
I actually think I'll build this....5*
Thanks! Good for mini-wars, and it takes about 3 min to build.
do you want to see mine? I made it a rbg sniper.
Cool.... Kind of like what I did to my oodassault pistol.
I liked this so much I decided to write you a poem. It's supposed to be a limerick. There once was a boy named bobizzle I'm not lying I'm foshizzle He got picked on in school and was not very cool his nickname was fofizzle
Cool, but one problem. Have you checked out Oblivitus' ible on knex gun concepts?
PS: The rifle version is just the same but with a huge stock attached, l0l
Basically.... It's wider, and stronger. It is my war machine......
But have you checked out the concepts? This idea was partly from me. And another part was from perfect duck ( <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/perfect-ducks-quad-blaster/">https://www.instructables.com/id/perfect-ducks-quad-blaster/</a> ). I am not sure if you will have to give us credit though. Ah well, nice gun, 4.0 *<br/>
Dj radio was my only influence. The idea, in a way. But this is much better....
Dj Radio? I was talking about Perfect Duck.
Perfect duck had no influence on me building this. Dj Radio did. That's what I'm saying.
I see. Dj radio has some brilliant ideas, I must say.
A bit too late for postage, dont ya think?
Too late for postage?........ It's still new..... And I modded it a bit.
When I say "too late", I mean that its been around for a while... I still like it and all...
But it's never too late to post. Will you be building it?
nah, its similar to my first sniper, which is deleted.
WHY? The spec 9 was still my favourite of your guns!
Sure, but It was weak and flimsy structurally, and my OSSR renders it pointless to keep up at this point.
u deleted it? it was piece efficient and was acurate with the added bonus of awesome range!
The range was really 40 feet. I made a guesstimated range back then, and overestimated by a longshot.
Why delete ibles? It was perfect for people with almost no knex!
sounds pretty kool
Thanks! Are you going to try building it?
yep! just as soon as i get back from vaca!
Sweet! Tell me how it works!
good job 5*
Thanks! Only 2 views so far...

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