Introduction: How to Make the Letter M

The letter M made of pvc pipe & connectors

Step 1: Needed Materials

3 90 degree pvc pipe connectors
2 45 degree pvc pipe connectors
4- 2 inch pvc pipes
2- 4 inch pvc pipes

Step 2: Make the Top of the Letter M With the Two 90 Degree Connectors and Two 2 Inch Pvc Pipes

Step 3: Add the 45 Degree Connectors Onto the Open Ended Pvc Pipes

Step 4: With the 90 Degree Connector As a Base Connect Two Pvc Pipes to the 45 Degree Connectors

Step 5: The 90 Degree Open Ends Should Be Filled With the Remaining Two 4 Inch Pvc Pipes


AndreaB161 (author)2016-05-12

Just two question... Why? Why would would you need to make the letter M.

AndreaB161 (author)AndreaB1612016-05-12

Still. Its pretty cool

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