Step 2: Processing Bricks and Building the Arches.

Once the bricks freeze, process them. 
To do that, stick the shovel under the brick gently and push down on the handle this will detach the brick from the floor. 

Once you process around 8 bricks, take them to where you want your first arch to be. Stack 3 bricks one on top of each other to produce wall. Repeat this again to produce the other wall, make sure the other wall is no more than 2 bricks wide away from the first wall. 

Once you place your bricks together, use the wet snow you used to make the bricks and fuse them together by squeezing the snow (Slop) into the cracks between the bricks. Make sure the slop goes well between the cracks. 
<p>Wish I'd seen this sooner. We've had freezing cold and snow for two months straight. I can still make it but it but the kids won't get as much use out of it.</p>
I would do this if the place I lived actually HAD SNOW:(
It looks like a snow cathedral...nice! Im going to try this this winter <br>
Make sure its at least below -5*C tho<br>Else you may have trouble building the floors.
Now all i need is snow!? I live in PA and there was no snow at allll this year!
same in ohio...but from how the weathers been i assume this year well get snow <br>
Hell No... To cold, but anyway looks cool from here.<br> From here, cause here just hitted <strong>100 F</strong>... =P<br> Peace out!
Actually, Snow reflects the heat back to you, keeping you nice and toasty. Its actually possible to sleep in a snow trench, and quite warm.
I would so make this but I live in texas :)
That is a hellalota snow!<br>Fun stuff!

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