Picture of How to make the Master Sword
Have you played Legend of Zelda? Did you absolutely love it like I did? Than you will love making the master sword. Made entirely out of Foam Core poster board, it can make an amazing gift for a gamer. Hope you enjoy this!

Tools Needed:

1. 2 Foam Core Poster Boards
2. Dark Purple acrylic Paint
3. Blue Electrical Tape
4. An Exacto Knife
5. Silver Acrylic Paint
6. Gold Acrylic Paint
7. Hotglue
8. Hotglue Gun
9.oh, and a paper towel roll
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Step 1: Gather the supplies

Picture of Gather the supplies
make sure you have everything listed on the intro!

Step 2: Cut out the body of the sword

Picture of Cut out the body of the sword
You now need to cut out the body of the sword.  Look at the picture to see which sword you want to replicate. I did the master sword, but you could do any of the others. I will say that the shadow master sword does look awesome. To cut out the body and pieces, I found a PDF file that helped me out.

Using the pdf, I cut out every piece that I traced on foam core poaster board.

Make sure you tape the papers together!

Step 3: Making the Handle

Picture of Making the Handle
Take your two handle pieces, put them together and slide the paper towel tube right over the handle. Now stuff the paper towel tube tight with paper towels. This will make the handle strong so that it won't collapse because of you holding it.

Step 4: Finish the body

Picture of Finish the body
Now insert the blade right between the two handle pieces. Push it all the way down so it is flush right up against the paper towel tube.

Now you can hot glue all this together.

Step 5: Add the details!

Picture of Add the details!
not painted.jpg
Now you just have to glue the remaining pieces. There are Five individual pieces and the two part assembly that makes up the end of the sword handle.
prince link2 years ago
Yes what size was it over all? I want to make a relatively accurate Ordon Sword and the pictures look like the blade is short.
jdignum3 years ago
you said choose the blade and then made it way too small? why
did u learn this from
no offense