Picture of How to make the Master Sword
Have you played Legend of Zelda? Did you absolutely love it like I did? Than you will love making the master sword. Made entirely out of Foam Core poster board, it can make an amazing gift for a gamer. Hope you enjoy this!

Tools Needed:

1. 2 Foam Core Poster Boards
2. Dark Purple acrylic Paint
3. Blue Electrical Tape
4. An Exacto Knife
5. Silver Acrylic Paint
6. Gold Acrylic Paint
7. Hotglue
8. Hotglue Gun
9.oh, and a paper towel roll

Step 1: Gather the supplies

Picture of Gather the supplies
make sure you have everything listed on the intro!
prince link2 years ago
Yes what size was it over all? I want to make a relatively accurate Ordon Sword and the pictures look like the blade is short.
jdignum3 years ago
you said choose the blade and then made it way too small? why
did u learn this from stormthecastle.com?
no offense