How to Make the Nerf Big Bad Bow Into a Big Bad Sniper





Introduction: How to Make the Nerf Big Bad Bow Into a Big Bad Sniper

This is a how-to on my first original nerf-gun hack. This is for the Nerf Big Bad Bow, and what it does is allow the gun to shoot normal nerf darts, while preserving its ability to fire rockets. Because it uses the same power to shoot darts as it does rockets, the darts go pretty dang far. Thus, it becomes a combination sniper/rocket launcher.

Step 1: Taking Apart the Gun

First thing you have to do is pretty simple, just open up the gun. Note: you only have to remove the screws for the front half, not all of them. Also, I unscrewed all of the screws, but left them in their holes, that way, I didn't lose or mix any of them up.

Step 2: Removing the Air Restrictor

Once you get the front half off, you should see a long tube, the end of which protrudes out the front of the gun, and is the barrel. The barrel is separate from the rest of the tube, so remove it. Inside the barrel, there is an air restrictor mechanism. Take out the pictured piece and the spring, but leave the remaining piece inside the barrel.

Step 3: Replace the Barrel and Screws

Put the barrel back into the gun, hooking it back up with the main tube, and screw the cover back on. When finished, it should look the same as when you started, but if you look down the barrel, there will no longer be that little orange thingy at the front.

Step 4: Making It Fit to Shoot a Dart

There are four little nubs at the front of the barrel now. These are too long to allow a dart to fit comfortably between them. Grind/file these down until most darts fit comfortably inside the front of the barrel (not too tight that they won't come out, but not so loose they just fall out). You're almost there, but the darts still won't shoot, too much air is coming out around them. So...

Step 5: Hot Glue!

We need to establish a seal on the barrel. Do this using a hot glue gun. Put a layer of hot glue on the inside of the barrel, about in line with the nubs you grinded down. If you accidentaly use too much glue, and darts will no longer fit in the barrel, use the nozzle of the hot glue gun to thin it out by moving the nozzle around the inside of the barrel in a circular motion, touching the sides. It should end up looking like this, if not better. Try to get the glue even all around the inside, because the barrel rotates, and that can throw off your calibrations.

Step 6: You're Done!

Now you're done! The gun may not shoot straight at first, so experiment with different amounts of glue in the barrel on either side. I got mine to shoot about 60 feet without much arc. Have Fun!



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    Great job. I performed this mod on my BBB, but didn't take any pictures of the process. CPVC is a little too large to fit inside the orange barrel. what i did was take a crayola marker, cut the tip off, pull out the insides, and cut out the little plastic ridges..once this is done, wrap the skinny end in electrical tape a few times and it will slide right inside the orange barrel and fits elite darts very well. I took mine to an archery show and shot it through the chrono, it averaged around 95fps

    me and my friend had aton of difficulty with this part and I dont even know if he has accomplished this part PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    What exactly did you have trouble with? All I did was placed a single layer of glue right on the inside rim and then use the hot tip of the glue gun to squish it down to the right size.

    Instead of hot glue to fit the dart cut out the front piece and put a piece of 1/2 pvc in it works great

    Trust me I'm a doctor

    Mayne some thinwall cpvc...

    the gun is pretty old I got mine in 2009

    About how fast does a dart now fire, in fps, please?

    Where do you get the nerf bow? If I had it I would do the mod.